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We Understand Your Problems

If you are in the following situations, we can help you

Nobody wants to be in bad situations but sometime things happen…..You are worried and stressful because you need to sell your property fast.

We can make an offer to you in as fast as 48 hours and you will be receiving your cash as fast as 28 days. 


You are ready to move overseas but you still unable to sell off your current property. If you can't sell, you will incur additional expenses apart from the expenses you will incur overseas


You already inherited a property and you need to distribute the equity among the beneficiaries. Inability to sell your property quickly will create problems among the beneficiaries of the property.


You need to move on after the divorce. Whatever equity in the property has to be equally distributed to your ex partner and you do not want to delay the process.


You have an impending foreclosure on your property because you already missed your mortage payments. By quickly selling your property, you might be able to stop the foreclosure


You have a bankruptcy proceeding in place. If the court issues a bankruptcy notice, they will freeze your property. Your house will be auctioned off and whatever equity left, will be taken by the Insolvency Department

Debt Management

You can't service your mortgage payments because you may have lost your job or failure in your business. You just need help in managing your debt

Why Do You Need To Use Our Service


Nobody will know that you are selling off your property to ensure your reputation is intact

No Agent Fees

You do not need to pay any agents commission as the final selling price is the nett price.


You will get to sell your property and receive your cash in as fast as 28 days after you agreed on the price

Sell Property As Is

You do not need to spend any extra money to make your property saleable. Just sell as is basis.

Less Viewings

You do not have to allow people to view your house so many times. Maintain your privacy


Our process of purchasing your property is very transparent with proper legal documentations.

Our company

We are a property investment Company always on a lookout to secure properties for our own investment.

Apart from securing properties as our own investment, we also have our network of properties investors who are cash rich and bankable, able to purchase properties quickly without any hassle . 

General Questions

No, there will not be any charges imposed on you for using our service. This is because we are buying your property for our own investment or for our network of property investors like us. Our final purchase price is nett. The only other fees that you will pay is the lawyer fees, which we may even absorb. 

We will try to make you an offer within 48 hours, subject to us performing due diligence on your property.  We hope to close the whole purchasing process in as fast as 28 days, subject to all legal and financial obligations are being fulfilled between us. 

One of the questions we will ask you is the amount of equity you have on your property. If you don’t have any equity or your loan amount is higher than your selling price, we will go into a ‘lease option’ arrangement with you.

In a ‘lease option’ arrangement with you, we will lease your property for an agreeable period and purchase the property at a certain time in future hopefully when there’s equity already in your property. During the ‘lease option’ period, we will be paying off your monthly mortgage payment. 

We will try to contact you within 24 hours of receiving your details. We have a  few questions that we will asking you in order for us to know more about your property. 

Our Offer in As Fast As 48 hours